Singularity Event Horizon

More fascinating stuff (via Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy): “To be clear, you are not actually seeing the black hole itself. That circular hole in the center of the ring is not the black hole, but really an effect of its gravity. It’s being called …

Watch SpaceX’s historic Falcon Heavy Launch and triple landing attempt here

It’s finally launch day for the Falcon Heavy’s first mission, and SpaceX’s heavy-duty rocket platform is due to take off at 3:35 Pacific time. The launch will take a major communications satellite into orbit, and as an encore all three of the first stages will attempt to return to Earth and make soft landings. Success means the inauguration of a new era in spaceflight.

The first research book written by an AI could lead to on-demand papers

The amount of research that gets published is more than any scholar can hope to keep up with, but soon they may rely on an AI companion to read thousands of articles and distill a summary from them — which is exactly what this team at Goethe University did. You can read the first work by “Beta Writer” here… though unless you really like lithium-ion battery chemistry, you might find it a little dry.