DealBook: To Purge Some of Social Media’s Ugliness, an Unlikely Lesson From Wall St.

A simple rule that bolsters the banking system — “know your customer” — could help combat fake news and hate speech online if companies like Facebook and Twitter embraced it.

7 Annoying Instagram Issues and How to Fix Them


Over the years, Instagram has gradually transformed from being a photo-sharing platform to a full-fledged social network. With built-in instant messaging, a dedicated video service, and more, Instagram is now laden with every social tool you’d need. However, in the process of evolving into a social media destination, Instagram has failed to fix some common annoyances. Thankfully, however, people have developed workarounds to these. Here are some annoying Instagram issues and how to fix them. 1. Putting Multiple Links in Your Bio Instagram has a strict policy against links. You can only have a single link in your bio and…

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